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Given my educational background, I am now a qualified Mental Health Social Worker, which means that people are able to access a Medicare referral from their GP before seeing me. This provides a Medicare rebate at each appointment.

Sex therapy and Relationship Counselling
My interest is this area continued to grow as it became apparent to me that sexual issues were an unaddressed or underlying issue with many couples who were seeking relationship counselling. Combining the two areas of expertise and offering couples and individuals the benefits of couple and sex therapies, helps to minimize the amount of time that individuals/couples spend in therapy. Sex therapy may involve the discussion of sexual problems, relationship issues and expectations, and provide information on sexual functioning, low desire and enhancing mutual satisfaction in sexual relationships.

I enjoy helping people navigate their sexual expression and their presence in society. Counselling interventions like Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Training (an evidence-based therapy) are especially helpful in the area of sex therapy as they can immediately give people skills to make a difference to their current situation.

Mindfulness & Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Mindfulness and ACT are counselling approaches that teach people to:

• Learn to observe one’s thoughts without judgment
• See thoughts as just thoughts, not facts
• Change their relationship with their pain, to become “unstruck:
• Develop a healthier understanding of self development
• Heal their relationship with themselves so they are able to fully engage in other relationships
• Manage and reduce anxiety by stopping the struggle with your thoughts.

I have completed training in this area to an advanced level and attended many of the Master Classes that have being offer in this field, such as ACT and working with depression and anxiety, borderline personality disorder, working with self identity as well as trauma and mindfulness. I have found ACT therapy to be very successful in treating clients with any kind of sexual issues that are anxiety based.

Grief and Loss Therapy
I have studied this subject at a Master’s level and has a broad understanding of the theoretical interventions. This training and working in this field have enabled me to help people compassionately through what can be an extremely unsettling and difficult time in their lives. I have written a manual for supporting Maori people through bereavement.

Chronic Pain Management / Lifestyle Related Illness
Whilst completing my final Masters of Social Work, I was involved in a lifestyle management and prevention program in a hospital setting, and wrote a conference paper on the benefit of support groups for people suffering from heart failure. The lifestyle prevention and management program focused on the management of chronic health conditions such as heart failure, lifestyle dietetics and helping people to adapt to their changed circumstances.

Schema Therapy
Schema Therapy is based on the following four main concepts:

Early Maladaptive Schemas: There are around 18 Early Maladaptive Schemas which deal with self-defeating, core themes or patterns that keep repeating throughout one’s life.

Schema Domains: The 5 Schema Domains mostly relate to the basic emotional needs of a child. When these schemas are not met in childhood, they tend to lead the person to unhealthy life patterns. The 18 schemas are grouped into fve broad schema domains, on the basis of which core needs the schema is related to.

Coping Styles: Coping Styles are the ways in which a child adapts to damaging childhood experiences. For example, some children surrender to their schemas, while some find ways to block out or escape from pain. In such cases, some children fight back while others overcompensate.

Schema Modes: Schema Modes are moment-to-moment emotional states that individuals pass through, and coping responses that one experiences during such times. Often these schema modes are triggered by life situations that are oversensitive to emotional buttons. Many of these schema modes lead to over-reactions to situations, or acting in such ways that end up hurting oneself.

Clinical Supervision for Therapists / Social Workers
I have over six year’s experience as a line manager of multi-disciplinary teams in the field of counselling. These teams were/are responsible for delivering quality therapy in very complex situations requiring family therapy, couples counselling and children’s counselling.

Phone and Skype Counselling
I have embraced the latest technology and I am able to offer counselling via phone or Skype. Given the pressure of modern living it may suit clients not to leave the comfort and convenience of their own home and office, but still be able to access good quality therapeutic care with a fully trained and experience psychotherapist. Busy executives, active parents, high profile figures, those challenged by pain, individuals who travel, live in remote areas and those who suffered from anxiety, are just a few of the situations that are highly suitable for phone or Skyping.

Given the highly sensitive nature of sex therapy, some people may feel more comfortable accessing assistance through phone or Skyping as well. However if people want counselling in the more traditional setting, our offices at Mt Gravatt offer a private, inviting and relaxing environment with ample parking and easy accessibility.

Linda Thomson
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